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What You Need to Know About Order Fulfillment

With the growth of the eCommerce platform, there is increased competition among sellers as they try to get more clients for their businesses. You can set your business aside from the rest by investing in customer satisfaction through having a proper fulfillment strategy. The order fulfillment process entails proper order receipt, packaging, and delivery to customers so that customers get value for money. Powered by Fulfillment covers all you need to know about fulfillment in this article.



Order Fulfillment Steps

Each business needs a unique fulfillment strategy depending on specific business processes. Partnering with a 3PL company will help you take care of each fulfillment step and offer you unique solutions to your business, including:



Inventory Storage and Reception

You can choose to store inventory or ship directly from the manufacturer for all your eCommerce orders. Should you decide to keep inventory in-house, you will be responsible for stock taking, labeling inventory, examining its condition, and stock management.


You can opt to partner with a company offering fulfillment solutions like Powered by Fulfillment to ease the entire process. 3PL companies take care of all inventory, so they can help you meet client wants when need be.



Order Processing

Your business makes sales through all clients’ orders. Once a client orders an item on your site, you must get it and package it for sale, depending on their specifications.


By outsourcing the fulfillment services to Powered by Fulfillment, you don’t have to handle order processing. You pass on the client’s request alongside the order information for easy processing. Our experts get the item from storage or the manufacturer and inspect for potential damage to the product before packing it. Once the product is packed, we move it to the shipping station as it awaits delivery.



Order Shipping

After completing order processing, the items must be delivered to their respective clients. At Powered by Fulfillment, we determine the suitable shipping method based on the product’s size, specific requirements like fragility, and weight. We also link you with the best carriers so that the product gets to the client in one piece.




Online buyers can sometimes be displeased with the object for various reasons like damage, or it does not match the description. Part of confirming customers receive satisfactory service and growing your brand name is facilitating returns for replacement or refunds.


Depending on your returns policy, returns have to be accounted for. We help facilitate returns through automated solutions to prevent errors.



Best Practices to Improve the Fulfillment Process

A robust fulfillment strategy helps lower shipping and operational costs, improves your business’s customer service, and helps your enterprise grow. Besides these benefits, working with the right fulfillment team enables you to streamline operations within your business. Here are some ways and best practices that fulfillment solutions companies use to better company operations.



Optimizing Inventory Management

Customers feel happier and more satisfied with your business if they can get their orders delivered in a short time. Optimizing your inventory management will make order processing easier.


Powered by Fulfillment offers to handle inventory across the areas you serve. Linking eCommerce orders with the most convenient locations allow for faster order processing and delivery. Our optimized list helps avoid delays in order processing, increasing customer satisfaction.



Double Checking Products Before Shipping

While speed is invaluable, you should avoid mix-ups or key order details that might send the wrong items. Receiving incorrect items can frustrate customers, so you should double-check each consignment before shipping.


At Powered by Fulfillment, we double-check each item before delivery, so it matches the client’s description. We also check for dents or possible damage to prevent returns and improve customer satisfaction. After packing, we verify the packaging fits precisely to avoid breakages in transit, enhancing the customer’s experience with each order.



Automate Where Possible

Order processing and fulfillment can be marred with human errors, which can wreak havoc on your business. You need fulfillment accuracy for your business to be high to improve customer satisfaction. To eliminate potential errors, Powered by Fulfillment helps you automate where possible.


At Powered by Fulfillment, we leverage different software and integrate them into your operations. This means vital data will automatically appear to any provider within the supply chain process for accurate fulfillment. Some ways we automate the fulfillment process include:

  • Applying fulfillment software to conveniently place orders to our center closest to the customer. This allows for faster order processing and easy delivery, saving you money.
  • Having bar code scanners for managing orders coming in or going out from a busy store or warehouse.
  • Creating links for order tracking to help customers realize the current location of their item and the estimated delivery timeframe.


Apply Data to Help Drive Decisions

Data management in today’s competitive eCommerce scene can help you beat the competition. You must avoid making haphazard decisions and instead use data to drive decisions.


Powered by Fulfillment uses a cloud-based inventory portal to manage stock levels across different channels. Through our simple inventory management software, you can avoid cumbersome spreadsheets. Our system also makes data readily available to help you make sound decisions regarding your business.


For example, depending on the sale of particular items, the system offers alerts for low stock. This allows you to replenish the inventory in time to serve customers better.



Maintain Transparency with Customers

Since you cannot control everything, some things may go wrong throughout the fulfillment process. While you did not cause them, the client might deem you responsible. Maintaining open and transparent communication can help relay information about challenges on time to avoid frustrations.


Traffic or bad weather delays can affect anticipated delivery periods. At Powered by Fulfillment, we notify your customers in such cases to give a heads-up about package delays. Proper communication will help customers feel positive about your brand since they feel included.



Work With the Best Order Fulfillment Solutions Provider

Order fulfillment streamlines your business’s operations to improve customer satisfaction and help your business grow. Powered by Fulfillment is your trusted custom fulfillment solutions provider helping integrate all sales channels to make shipping easier. Our services support your business operations and help with scalability. Contact us today to enjoy shipping discounts.