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Trends in Shipping Fulfillment Services

Are you looking for premium shipping fulfillment services for your growing e-commerce business? Has your business outgrown its warehouse and needs better storage and shipping solutions? Powered by Fulfillment (PBF) is here to take the hassle out of your supply chain management. We have a full suite of logistics services, including order processing, picking, packing, shipping, and customer service. Here’s an overview of the top trends shaping shipping fulfillment:



1.    D2C Fulfillment Model

Legacy brands and startups are shifting towards the D2C (direct-to-customer) fulfillment model. Prior to the global pandemic, D2C fulfillment was limited to online-only brands. Traditional e-commerce sellers relied on wholesalers and distributors to get the products to consumers. The global pandemic impacted supply chains bearing such models, forcing brands to consider vertical integrations. PBF has seen a spike in D2C fulfillments.


The direct-to-customer model allows brands to skip the wholesalers and distributors and ship directly to their consumers. Eliminating the intermediaries reduces the steps where things could go wrong. The D2C model prevents domino-effect disruptions and gives companies more control over the shipping experience. D2C fulfillment has been rising steadily and is expected to turn $174 billion in sales by 2023, a 35% increase from figures registered in 2021.


At PBF, we have multiple warehouse locations. You can send your stock to our warehouses and manage the fulfillment process using a convenient dashboard accessible anywhere. The online dashboard allows multiple integrations to help you process orders directly from your website. Our team will pick, pack, label, and ship the products to your customers. We cover inventory management, order processing shipping, OMNI channels, reports, and automated billing.



2.    Flexible OMNI Channel Fulfillment

Having flexible hybrid fulfillment options is now a requirement for modern brands. Order fulfillment trends indicate customers want flexible omnichannel fulfillment that allows them to choose how they receive orders. OMNI channel listing access makes it effortless to post the entire database across multiple marketplaces at once. Companies using OMNI channels enjoy quality physical stock checks, lot audits, cycle counts, and storage consolidation.


PBF OMNI channel listings cover product restorations, assembly & disassembly of kits, re-bagging products, and disposals. Our company will customize and personalize every fulfillment to give your customers the best experience. Options like BOPIS (buy-online-pick up-in-store), ROPIS (reserve-online-pick up-in-store), and curbside pickup are mainstream. You can enable multiple shipping options to give your customers the freedom to choose what they want.


At Powered by Fulfillment, we don’t limit the types of fulfillments. Our partners can choose a solution for all fulfillment types. Popular options include e-commerce, subscription box, B2B, and FBA/WFS processing fulfillments. We provide a unified inventory management system for extended flexibility and control over every fulfillment. Branching out to hybrid fulfillment options allows you to customize the experience based on customer demands.



3.    Autonomous Fulfillment

Online merchants, Amazon Sellers, Walmart sellers, and distribution centers must embrace automation across the fulfillment process. Complex supply chains and labor shortages call for warehouse automation in the form of sophisticated warehouse management systems. Other forms of automation include return management tools and warehouse robots. At PBF, we provide a fully automated system to handle all aspects of the fulfillment process.


You can subscribe to High Volume D2C, which offers lucrative perks like free receiving, picking, and packing. We provide flat shipping, zero monthly minimums, parcel protection, SLA guarantees, and simple automated billing. Our cloud-based inventory management software makes complex fulfillment processes simple. You can track inventory across multiple channels, identify best-selling SKUs, block old SKUs and get low-stock alerts.


Our inventory system offers complete visibility and control of your inventory, orders, shipping, and OMNI channels. We provide comprehensive reports on all services and bottom lines and automated invoices to eliminate miscalculations. Modern companies are moving away from costly manual operations to more efficient autonomous processes. The global warehouse automation market is projected to exceed $30 billion by 2026, a 100% increase from 2019.



4.    Premium Shipping Experiences

Your customers want to receive their orders on time with accurate tracking information. Modern companies must treat the fulfillment process as part of the brand experience. Creating a personalized, branded fulfillment experience can increase engagement and provide a competitive edge. Customers who shop online can’t see or touch the actual order until they receive and unbox it.


The average consumer will track their order multiple times after purchasing, so companies should provide tracking information. At PBF, we emphasize CX management and give your customers access to real-time information concerning product availability and shipping status. Our cloud-based solution allows you to manage orders, provide fulfillment information and send direct emails to your customers. You can keep your customers satisfied throughout the shipping process.


PBF offers real-time product tracking and last-mile logistics using modern technology. We have contracts with last-mile logistics providers to ensure your customers receive their orders on time and in perfect condition. Our fulfillment solution enables you to gather customer metrics and build comprehensive profiles. You can further personalize the experience by knowing your customers’ names, birthdays, shipping preferences, and loyalty status.



Premium Shipping Fulfillment Services

The fulfillment industry evolves with advancing technologies and changing customer behavior. Online merchants and e-commerce sellers should keep tabs on emerging changes to adapt and retain their customers appropriately. Time-sensitive delivery, automation, and customer experience are among the top considerations. We’ve seen massive shifts over the last few years, including a broadening supplier base and changes in the customer journey.


Subscription-based business models have gained more appeal. Working with a reputable shipping fulfillment company can help you save time and money while leveraging the latest solutions. Whether you sell at Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Esty, eBay, or Shopify, you need integrated supply chain management systems. That’s where PBF steps in to offer premium logistics services. We partner will all types of online merchants, including B2Bs and D2Cs.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy logistics company to streamline your shipping fulfillment services, we’re ready to help. Partnering with Powered by Fulfillment allows you to work with an experienced, supportive COO. We have more than ten years of e-commerce and logistics experience and work with startups and large established enterprises. You’ll enjoy shipping discounts and other perks.