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Powered by Fulfillment Inc: A Comprehensive Guide

For business owners, eCommerce presents a platform to make more sales and serve a wider target market. While this can help your business grow, you must focus on streamlining operations to improve customer experience. Order fulfillment is among the ways you can guarantee customers top service, so you should partner with Fulfillment Inc. In this comprehensive guide, Powered by Fulfillment includes all you need to know about fulfillment companies.



Common Fulfillment Processing Options

Each business has unique needs, so its supply chain processes will differ. Choosing the right fulfillment strategy will help your business grow and increase turnover. There are four common order processing and fulfillment methods you can choose, including:




In-house fulfillment involves handling all aspects of the supply chain without external parties. Your business will take care of everything, including inventory management, warehousing, order processing, and shipping. These tasks can be time-consuming, and you need to hire more employees to pull them off, which can be costly for your business.



Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a hands-off approach, so eCommerce stores do not keep inventory. These businesses fulfill orders by shipping directly from the manufacturer. For example, when an online business gets an order, they forward the details to manufacturers who help ship the goods.


Drop shipping can be attractive to new eCommerce businesses since there is minimal overhead and few to no barriers to entry. Shipping may take longer, and since the business cannot control supply chain processes, it can affect the customer experience.



Outsourced Fulfillment

Outsourced or third-party fulfillment involves partnering with a 3PL company to handle all aspects of fulfillment. Outsourcing your shipping services can allow you to focus on production and proper branding while the fulfillment company handles the logistics.


At Powered by Fulfillment, we take care of your inventory and help with packing, shipping, and managing returns. Our services simplify the supply chain process and handle tasks that may seem unproductive for in-house teams. By handling such tasks, we save you money and time through automation. This promotes higher satisfaction for your customers and better productivity from your staff.




Hybrid fulfillment involves the combination of various fulfillment options. For example, some companies might prefer to handle inventory for specific items in-house while outsourcing for other products.


Powered by Fulfillment can help you customize plans to match your needs. We can plan hybrid fulfillment for non-custom items and make sure your clients get satisfactory services. Such services are useful for businesses undergoing rapid expansion since it offers them more flexibility.



Determining the Right Fulfillment Strategy

Fast shipping is a feature most online stores use to compete; fulfillment services can help you keep ahead of the competition. Developing the right fulfillment strategy can help your business grow, reduce operation costs, and expand your global customer base. Here are some ways Powered by Fulfillment enables you to determine the right fulfillment strategy.



Leverage the Business Size and Sales Volumes

The amount of sales your business makes each month will help determine the fulfillment strategy you adopt. For example, a low sales volume makes in-house fulfillment more manageable. This is also the case if you sell a single line of products since it can be easy to track inventory.


You need to work with a 3PL company if you deal in a range of commodities. Powered by Fulfillment also helps businesses manage orders as the sales volume grows. This allows you to focus on matching the demand through production. We also partner with you in the long haul to cater to your business needs as the brand grows.



Understand and Focus on Your Strengths

Fulfillment requires numerous skills that can be hard to obtain in-house. Instead of seeking to fill such gaps, which may be expensive, you can choose to outsource these services for the best solutions.


Powered by Fulfillment takes charge of your fulfillment process and assumes responsibilities for logistics. We have the right team to serve your business satisfactorily, allowing you to focus on your strengths, like production. Since we can comfortably handle your needs as the business grows, we can be your long-term partner.



Target Audience Location

Where your customers are located determines how much time your spend on deliveries and the shipping costs you incur. For example, a dispatch center within a specific city will take shorter periods to reach customers within the same town, unlike with out-of-town orders.


Powered by Fulfillment helps make order fulfillment easier by planning order storage and shipping from the most convenient location. After your order reaches our experts, they use a system to determine the most convenient center to serve the demand. This means that clients get deliveries from centers closest to them, lowering delivery time significantly. You also save by cutting down on shipping costs and efficient operations.



Customization Needs

Customization is a key selling point for any brand, so you should make sure you include it within the supply chain process. Powered by Fulfillment allows customers to enjoy customized fulfillment solutions to match their niche. This simplifies your job since we deal with any complexities in the supply chain process.




Fulfillment Inc can help you enhance customer experiences through faster delivery, promoting business growth. Powered by Fulfillment is a trusted 3PL logistics company offering order fulfillment solutions to eCommerce businesses. We help integrate your sales channels, making fulfillment and shipping easier, and allowing your business to grow. Contact us today to enjoy a comprehensive quote.