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What To Do When Your Business Outgrows Its Warehouse

Has your business grown out of its warehouse? Powered by Fulfillment can help. Warehousing needs can change as your business grows, and you might need buildings in different locations to maintain quality customer service. You could also partner with 3PL companies to take care of your shipping fulfillment services. Below is an overview of what to do when your business has grown beyond its current warehousing solutions:



Work With a 3PL Company

A 3PL (third-party logistics) company provides logistics services, such as inventory management, storage, picking, packing, shipping, and more. At Powered by Fulfillment, we offer online merchants a comprehensive menu of logistics services. Our services accommodate the B2B model, so we can help you ship to Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and Esty.


We also work with D2C businesses that ship products directly to their customers. Working with a 3PL company has many benefits for growing businesses. You won’t need to worry about warehousing and storage needs anymore. We’ll receive your stock items, store them safely, and fulfill your orders.



Here’s how Powered by Fulfillment works:


1.    Partner With PBF

When you partner with Powered by Fulfillment, we’ll discuss your warehousing and logistics needs. Our company specializes in high-volume fulfillment and high-quality services. We’re experts in eCommerce and logistics and will provide you with a COO for support. Once we strike a partnership, you can send your inventory to our warehouse. We’ll handle high-volume fulfillment on your behalf.



2.    Warehouse Management System

Powered by Fulfillment will provide you with end-to-end cloud-based software accessible anywhere you go. We’ll configure everything, so you don’t need to worry about the complexities of the WMS software. The system also accommodates tons of integrations. Once the WMS is set up, we’ll be able to take your orders and fulfill them. The entire workflow is automated for your convenience.



3.    Automated Billing & Fulfillment

We automate all invoices to eliminate human error and guarantee transparency. All transactions are on your website, so you’ll only get charged for what you see. If everything is set up correctly, we’ll start fulfilling your high-volume orders immediately. Your orders will be picked, packed, labeled, and shipped to your customers on time.




3PL Warehousing Services

Working with a 3PL company relieves you from managing huge volume inventories in a privately owned warehouse. The company will take care of your storage needs and handle the order fulfillment. Without a 3PL company, you’ll need to rent space to store your inventory, guarantee security and safety, and fulfill orders.


A 3PL company allows you to send your products to their warehouse, where your responsibility ends. At PBF, we handle the following:


  • Inventory Management: We offer updates on real-time inventory management, and synchronize your inventory with all your marketplaces.
  • Order Processing: You’ll get full visibility of all your orders in a seamless cloud-based portal. We handle orders from multiple integrations and marketplaces.
  • Product Shipping: PBF will pick, pack, label, and ship your products on demand. We allow you to choose and automate the shipping process.
  • OMNI Channel: You can access and manage all listings and integrations from one seamless dashboard.
  • Reporting & Billing: We offer access to reporting on all our services and bottom lines. You’ll also enjoy autonomous invoice processing to eliminate miscalculations.
  • All Fulfillment Types: Powered by Fulfillment is a 3PL company for all fulfillment types, including FBA sellers, eCommerce sellers, B2Bs, and subscription boxes.


Finding Reputable 3PL Companies

Every business needs to store its inventory and products safely. When a business outgrows its warehouse, you can either rent another space or partner with the right 3PL company like PBF. We can help you determine the warehouse that best fits your business needs.


PBF prides itself in offering large spaces, delivery trucks, cloud-based software & integrations, and transparent billing. We have staff on-site, so all you need to do is send us your products. Our team will handle the rest. Here’s why we offer the best shipping fulfillment services.



Scalable Solution for All Businesses

At Powered by Fulfillment, we offer a scalable solution for all businesses. We work with companies selling cosmetics, apparel, supplements, automotive parts, toddler products, pet products, and food & beverages. Others include kitchen & dining, sporting/fitness equipment, toys & games, office products, books/media, and luxury goods. The fulfillment solution is customized for your business and easy to scale to your needs.



Shipping Discounts & Flexible Pricing

We offer shipping discounts so our clients can save more on one of their biggest expenses. Our solution can help you optimize zones and shipping rates besides the extra discounts you get from PBF. We also prioritize transparent pricing with no hidden fees. You can review the pricing beforehand and gain clarity for any statement.



Supportive COO

Powered by Fulfillment is your mini COO and offers ten years of experience you can leverage anytime. We’re experts in eCommerce and logistics and have experience in all types of store integrations. Our team will support start-up issues and walk you through all milestones. We’re here to help you succeed and fulfill your promises to your customers.



Shipping Fulfillment Services You Can Trust

Partnering with a 3PL company is the best way to take care of shipping fulfillment services. At Powered by Fulfillment, we work with all businesses and brands, including B2B and D2C companies. We’ll handle all your warehousing needs and provide premium logistics services customized to your business.