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Over Spreadsheets? See How We Can Help You With Fulfilling Orders

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets to manage your inventory, you’re probably ready for a less tedious process. It’s time to ditch outdated methods and use modern tools.  Powered by Fulfillment Inc can help you to track your order fulfillment progress in a quicker, more efficient way.


We are a fulfillment company that specializes in managing inventory and orders. Customization is our specialty, and we’ve worked with companies in dozens of different industries. With our customizable fulfillment services, you’ll be able to take your business logistics to the next level. 



How Can We Help You? 

Powered by Fulfillment Inc. provides you with a simplified version of spreadsheets while adding features you may not know you need. When you partner with us, you will be integrated with our technology. The software we use is a cloud-based inventory management system. Within our system, you will find information such as: 



Inventory Tracking

Instead of searching your spreadsheet for information about your current inventory, our real-time inventory management allows you to check in on your inventory at any time. You can find information on tracking like lot tracking and S/N tracking. The safety quantities, cycle count audits, no cross-over reserve paths,  FIFIO practice, auto reserve product outbound, and daily cycle count audits are all present in the cloud. 



Current and Past Orders

The order tracking system is a part of our cloud-based software. You can track replacement orders, label issues, and cancel orders. Watch your orders go through a generation of return labels, issue RMA orders, and more. We will help you keep on track with your orders as they come and go and will allow you to track productivity. 



Shipping Management

Shipping is a key element to fulfillment. We provide shipping discounts as we have partnered with several shipping carriers and we also have a range of shipping methods. Once you have chosen your shipping carrier and method, we automate it so you will not need to worry about future shipping details.



The OMNI Channel

This channel gives you access to all of the listings about your inventory. With this, you can take your entire database and post it to as many marketplaces as you would like. Our Omni channel gives you listings such as re-bagging products, lot audits, disposals, storage consolations, cycle counts, and more.



Data Reports

Data reports can help your business thrive by demonstrating the areas with discrepancies. Our software provides these reports: 

  • Custom reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Order reports
  • P&L reports
  • Sales reports
  • Settlement data reports
  • Transactions reports


Our Billing & Pricing

The price our services will vary on what type of company you are in. We partner with:

  • High volume direct to customers  
  • Regular direct to customer and FBM
  • FBA and WFS
  • Subscription boxes
  • Business to business
  • Retail 

If you are curious about what your estimated cost would be, you can contact us and schedule a call!


Our Process at Powered by Fulfillment Inc

When you partner with us, you will go through an easy eight-step process. In the process you will:


  • Get to know us and choose a partnership: After you contact us for a demo, please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to feel solid in our partnership. When we have reached an agreement on your specific needs for a fulfillment service, we can move forward with the next step.
  • Send your products our way: We have several warehouses for you to ship your products to. This will give you a wide range of client bases with short shipping times. We do not charge to receive your product. 
  • Get set up on our software inventory management system: Once we receive your product, we will start setting you up on our cloud-based software. We assist every step of the way so your software has everything you need. 
  • Merge your marketplace: We are merged with several different marketplaces that may be helpful to you. Once we have your inventory, we can merge it into the marketplace of your choice. 
  • Set up your auto-pay: We will then set up your autopayment plan. You will receive all the information you need to make sure your billing is correct. 
  • Let the fulfillment begin: Now we will start fulfilling your orders. Our software allows you to watch the picking and packing process from any location.
  • Shipping comes next: Your chosen carrier will grab your packages daily to make sure they are delivered on time. 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Lastly, your customers receive and enjoy their product orders promptly.


Goodbye, Spreadsheets!

With Powered by Fulfillment, you can say goodbye to your old spreadsheets and find a new innovative way to manage your fulfillment process. Our services are modern and transparent so you can be sure that you are getting the best quality. We make fulfillment simple and efficient.