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Are You in Need of B2B Fulfillment? Here’s How PBF Can Help You

Finding a reputable B2B shipping fulfillment services partnership can be daunting. PBF (Powered by Fulfillment) has successfully partnered with several B2B businesses to streamline the procurement process. Here is how we can help you increase in efficiency and continue to make your business thrive:



What Are Shipping Fulfillment Services? 

If you have a product you are selling, you will need a shipping fulfillment service provider. A shipping fulfillment service starts and ends with your product. They pack and ship that product then hand it off to the delivery carrier of your choice. The shipping fulfillment service you choose will be a big part of your business from the beginning to the end. 



Why Choose PBF for B2B Fulfillment? 

Powered by Fulfillment has a shipping fulfillment service that serves those in the B2B industry, among others. We turn the complexity of fulfillment into something simple to understand and follow. Our cloud-based inventory services make your fulfillment process simple. 


PBF is also completely customizable. Instead of molding your company to fit ours, we mold ours to fit yours. We have partnered with many companies, including B2B, D2C, FBAS, WFS, subscription boxes, and other retailers, to create tailored solutions. The industries we serve are diverse—from supplements to luxury goods, we have done it all. 



How Does It Work? 

After you choose to partner with us, here are the steps we take with you to make sure you are on the path to success:



Affiliation With PBF

The first thing we start with is your official affiliation with our company. After we become partners with your company we want to be as supportive as possible throughout the process. 



Send PBF Product

Once you have partnered with us we will need your product to start our shipping fulfillment services. We will have you send your inventory to us at one of our warehouses. We have multiple warehouses and will work with you to see which is best for your company to ship from. The only thing you need to focus on is sending us your inventory. 



Set Up Our Software

Our software is one of a kind. We help you set this up from start to finish. The software we use at PBF is cloud-based. It gives you access to every part of the shipping fulfillment process from wherever you are. We set this up so that you are able to focus on the other parts of your business. 



Automate WorkFlow

After our software is set up and we have received your inventory, it is time to integrate your systems with our shipping fulfillment services. This includes your marketplace so that we have access to your orders and are then able to fulfill them. When this process is completed, we will have automated your workflow to give you peace of mind.



Set Up Automatic Billing

Our automatic billing is just another perk of partnering with us. All of your invoices are fully transparent and fully automated. You will have the ability to see exactly what you are being charged for without any unknown fees. Set up your billing and leave the worry of payments behind. 



Begin Fulfilment

After payment, our shipping fulfillment services can begin. We pick and pack orders at rapid speeds while you watch from our software. We specialize in high-volume orders but any order is quickly filled, no matter the size. This process can be watched and tracked through our systems to make sure your product is being fulfilled properly.



Ship Product

When your orders are picked and packed they are then shipped off to their destination. We are partnered with several different delivery companies. We will print shipping labels for whichever you choose and make sure there is a daily pickup. After your product is shipped, your customers will receive their orders promptly.



B2B Pricing

PBF has created a B2B shipping fulfillment pricing tool. To price how much shipping fulfillment will be for your business, you will need the weight of the item and the number of items. We then add on charges for oversized items, overweight items, and new pallet charges. When you store your inventory with us, the costs will account for the number of units, pallets, and dimensions.


Some other common questions we get surrounding pricing are: 


Do you charge receiving fees on inbound products?

We receive your inventory for free as long as you follow our guidelines. When a product comes in that is not following our requests, it will be considered a special order to reconcile the shipment before we are able to store it. 



B2B and PBF

We here at Powered by Fulfillment strive to provide the best possible service for our B2B customers. There are many perks to working with us such as shipping discounts, accessible software, and client reviews to back our claims. Our pricing is always transparent. Our fulfillment is customizable and scalable so you can see that we are working for you and with you. Powered by Fulfillment is eager to share exceptional services with your business.