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A Breakdown of What’s Included with Your Partnership

If you’re tired of trying to keep up with inventory needs and figure out when new orders arrive, you’ll want to consider a cloud-based inventory management system. Powered by Fulfillment Inc provides a real-time system to keep you updated on all your inventory details. When you partner with us, you get more than just a platform to record inventory.



Management of Your Inventory in Real-time

Every online business needs inventory management in real-time to know what’s in stock and when it’s time for a replacement. The system from Powered by Fulfillment provides cycle count audits each day and tracks lots with safety quantities included. Each customer has the ability to customize it to their needs. No matter how many online stores you have, you get up-to-date counts with current numbers that are accurate for managers and others.



Manage All Customer Orders

With our system, you’ll know when orders go out and which ones still need to be fulfilled. You can see canceled or replacement orders, generate return labels with ease, and allocate your drop shipping. Everything is cloud-based, allowing you to check in from anywhere. You can even determine profit and loss on order level, which helps you know which products or orders are contributing the most to your bottom line.



Shipping With Ease

Shipping packages to your customers is easy with Powered by Fulfillment. We offer a variety of shipping methods, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. We pass significant discounts to our customers, helping them save money and reducing costs for their customers. The system is automated, so there’s no work to choose a shipping method with any order.



Access to OMNI Channel Listing

Our system allows you to post your database on various marketplaces. You can use it for physical stock checks and lot audits as well as cycle counts. Consolidate storage and restore products as well as dispose of unusable inventory. Know where you are selling the most even if you’re working on multiple marketplaces at once.


It can get confusing trying to keep up with multiple sites and verify that you have enough inventory to meet the orders, especially if you’re processing returns. Our solution takes the legwork out of managing your database.



Access to Reports

You need specific reports to help you keep an eye on the operations of your business. Powered by Fulfillment makes it easy to retrieve data from various reports, including sales, order, and inventory reports. You can find out details about transactions with transactions reports. You can determine the stability of your business through P&L reports. Custom reports allow you to choose the data that matters most to your bottom line.



Automated Billing

As you move inventory in and out, you need to know how much you’re being charged and make sure your invoices are paid on time. Our system provides for auto pay as well as weekly and bi-monthly invoices. See every transaction with full line-item billing. No human entries are made, which means no human errors.



Get the Right Solution from Powered by Fulfillment Inc.

We offer solutions for all types of fulfillment. No matter what your business is or how you serve your customers, we can automate your inventory management to help you become more efficient. We offer a wide range of options:

  • eCommerce
  • Subscription boxes
  • B2B
  • FBA/WFS Processing


Even More Features for Your Inventory Solution

You are never charged to expand your company. We want to help you grow because your success is our success as a partnership. We offer unlimited integrations at no cost to you. To keep you up and running when questions or concerns arise, we offer free dedicated partner support. Our team members will help throughout your partnership with Powered by Fulfillment.


You can customize the packaging process to improve customer satisfaction. Add gift messages or special materials for packaging as well as promotional inserts to showcase your brand image above the competition.



How the Process Works

When you decide to partner with us, we’ll get you set up from end to end. You send the inventory to our warehouse where we will start fulfilling those orders immediately. Our cloud-based software keeps you in the loop from start to finish. You know how much inventory is available, which orders have shipped, and how many are still pending.


We specialize in high-volume orders and fulfillment. Our team works at a fast speed to provide timely delivery for all your customers. We generate shipping labels as soon as the items are packed. Carriers provide a daily pickup, so orders are sent out immediately. Our goal is that your customers are always happy with the results.



Integrations Your Way

With free integrations for your business, you can set up your products on multiple sites. Create stores on Amazon, Etsy, and other major retail sites, all of which ship from our fulfillment centers. We also work with various shopping carts to make checkout a breeze for your customers. Everything integrates smoothly, so every customer gets the same results regardless of where they shopped or which shopping cart handled their order.


While we promote our ability to be high-volume shippers for your growing business, we also take care of small family-owned companies that want that personal touch for their customers. You can rest assured that we are dedicated to shipping all orders fast with no orders being recorded as late.


It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what type of products you sell, we can ship it according to the requirements. We handle cosmetics, clothing, food and beverages, sports equipment, automotive items, and more.


If you want to focus on the selling aspect of your business and stop dealing with the order fulfillment aspect, consider how partnering with Powered by Fulfillment can help you achieve your goals. Take a look at all the benefits that come with a partnership and discover how it can transform your business. Contact us to find out more and explore the opportunity to become your partner with Powered by Fulfillment Inc.