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How Our Fulfillment Services Can Provide You With Full Visibility of Your Orders

Having visibility is the top priority for several aspects of a business. You want to know when and where everything is happening. Our services at Powered by Fulfillment can show you the entire process from production to shipping, all to cultivate great customer experiences and a solid brand.



What Is Fulfillment? 

Fulfillment is the act of fulfilling an order. This order is generally placed online through your website. The order is placed, packaged, and shipped. Finally, the customer receives the order and enjoys their purchase, which is the end goal.


Many business owners are aware of the efficiency of their fulfillment process but may not have time for detailed management. Powered by Fulfillment manages this entire process for you.



How Does It Work?  

Our fulfillment services show you each step of the process. Here are the steps we take in our fulfillment process: 


  • Partnership: The first part of any service is a partnership. When you partner with us, you are choosing a specialist in high-quality and high-volume orders. We have vast experience in logistics and eCommerce. Our COO is supportive and acts as a helping hand.
  • Product Retrieval: After the onboarding process, the next step is to send your product to us. We have warehouses in several parts of the country.
  • Setup: After we receive your product, we will set you up with cloud-based software. This gives you access to your fulfillment wherever and whenever you need it. We understand that this software can be complex to set up. Our team will set it up for you so that you can focus on your business. 
  • Integration: We then will integrate your orders with our workflow. This integration process provides you with an automatic fulfillment process. 
  • Billing: The Powered by Fulfillment billing process is fully automated; there is no room for human error in invoices or subscription charges. Our pricing system is transparent. 
  • Filling Orders: After all processes are set up, we start fulfilling orders. You can watch the entire process from the orders being picked to being packed. 
  • Shipping Orders: After the picking and packing process, we create a shipping label. This label can be whatever carrier you choose. We make sure that all carriers are here for daily pick-up.  
  • Order Retrieval: The customer is a key part of this process. Whatever promise you have made to your customer is a promise of our own. The investment your customer makes towards you is an investment in us. We want customers to be satisfied with their product delivery just as much as you do. 


Visibility and Transparency

Powered by Fulfillment strives to be as transparent as possible. That is why we chose to go with cloud-based software that is fully accessible. 




Our real-time inventory management gives you visibility to your inventory at any time. This system allows you to see lot tracking, S/N tracking, safety quantities, FIFIO practices, cycle count audits, no cross-over reserve paths, auto reserve product outbound, and daily cycle count audits. Full transparency of inventory allows you to understand which parts of the process are working and which are not.




Our order tracking system is a part of our cloud-based management. You can find information on replacement orders, P&L on order level, generation of return labels, issue RMA orders, cancel orders, and FBA drop-ship allocation. This information can help you make sure that customers are getting exactly what they want on time. 




At Powered by Fulfillment, we provide shipping discounts and a large range of shipping methods. We have partnered with many shipping carriers. This allows us to give you access to discounts. We can map your shipping preference so that it is automated.



OMNI Channel

The OMNI channel gives you listing access. This can be a useful way to post your database on multiple marketplaces at once. The channel can provide you with lot audits, disposals, re-bagging products, cycle counts, storage consolation, and more. 




True visibility of your business is having reports to look back at. Our software gives you access to reports such as: 

  • Transactions
  • Settlement data
  • Sales data
  • P&L data
  • Customer orders
  • Inventory updates
  • Custom reports



Any type of billing can be stressful to deal with as a business owner. Our software gives you access to automated billing. This allows you to see accurate invoices, which makes it easy to complete payments on time and know exactly what you are being charged. You will receive weekly or bi-monthly invoices, full line itemization, and autopay.


Having full visibility of your order fulfillment allows you to breathe easily when everything is going well and respond quickly when things are not.



Why Choose Powered by Fulfillment?

Our fulfillment services can provide you with full visibility of your orders. Here are some other reasons that your eCommerce business may choose to partner with us.


Customizable: We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fulfillment. Several business partners work with us mainly because we are customizable. We fit our services around your business and not the other way around. 


Variety of Industries: Powered by Fulfillment has partnered with some of the most popular industries. These industries include supplements, cosmetics, food, pet products, luxury goods, and more. No matter what industry you are in, we can assist you with your business. 


Scalable: We have scaled with several types of partners, specifically brand owners. This is why we are experts in customized fulfillment solutions. Our solutions will be tailored to your brand while giving you options to best fit your company. 


Discounts: The costs of shipping are generally the largest expense for a business. We can offer additional discounts to get the best price possible.


At Powered by Fulfillmentwe want you and your customers to have the best fulfillment experience possible. We take a complex process and simplify it so that you can focus on other parts of your business. Our transparent software gives you insight into the entire operation. Let us support you on your journey.

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