Minimum Monthly Fee

Accountability Metric

A Minimum Monthly Fee is only applied when your picking fees are under $250 on a monthly basis. We have this fee, so we can continue to work with our partners even in the slow seasons when perhaps sales are not as strong, we never want to say goodbye to our partners, so we have a Monthly Minimum Fee to supplement if your fulfillment picking fees are less than $250.

This fees is only applied to the difference of your picking fees. Meaning if you had $200 worth of picking fees, your Minimum Monthly Fee is only $50, the difference missing to add up to $250.

We work with our partners every month, so you can hit over $250 worth in picking fees!

We don’t limit what type of fulfillment we’re willing to do for our partners, we customize and personalize every fulfillment experience for ever individual partner!

Our Pricing

Transparent Pricing all the way through! No hidden fees and all pricing can be found on our website. We believe pricing should be as straight forward as your fulfillment, no complicated miscommunication and fully automated! Review all of your pricing before and contact us if you think you qualify for a special quote!

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