Affiliates Program

How it works!



Promote PBF to eCommerce sellers who want quick, easy or customized fulfillment!



Send them your own affiliates specific link and watch them grow!


Get Paid

You’ll earn $300 for every referral who ships with PBF!

What do you get out of it?


You’ll get $300 for every lead you send to use who qualifies and partners with us! There are no caps, earn as much as you want as often!

Work Anywhere

You can refer qualified affiliates from anywhere! You don’t have to meet any particular metrics or be tied down! Go network and let the referrals flow through to us!

Merchant Satifaction

Watch as you and your qualified leads grow together to create a staggering portfolio! A bigger portfolio means more money for you!

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Apply to join the affiliate program, create an account and get your own link!


Promote PBF to Sellers

Share your link directly to sellers and promote the benefits of PBF Fulfillment!


Sellers Sign Up with your link!

Sellers sign up with your link and once they ship with us, you get paid!


When your seller ships with us, you’ll get $400

PBF affiliates will receive $400 for every seller that starts shipping directly with PBF!