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Pick & Pack Explained

A Pick & Pack fee is the work that goes into organizing your order to accurately pick your items from storage and assemble them into a bin for fulfillment. After we’ve accurately picked your items from storage, they’ll move onto the fulfillment section of our warehouse to be checked for accuracy a second time before we package your shipment to your exact specifications and put it aside to be picked up by our Shipping Carrier Partners.


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Additional Items Explained

Sometimes orders will have more than one item associated to it. The Pick & Pack fee covers the initial picking of the order. The additional items are for any additional items after the first initial pick this means that if you had 4 total items in your order. You would get charged the additional item fee for 3 items out of the 4 items in your order.

Returns Explained

Sometimes in eCommerce you’ll get returns from customers. This is an avoidable inevitability, but it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. The returns fee includes receiving and a basic inspection of your return. If your returned product is in good as new condition, we’ll add it back to your inventory automatically. If it’s not fit for re-sale, we’ll put it aside for your authorization on next steps!

The additional items fee also applies here for any additional product returns in the first initial return.


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Significant Shipping Discounts
Significant Shipping Discounts

Powered by Fulfillment receives significant shipping discounts from all major shipping carriers and we pass those saving onto you with no additional charge or added expense. Leverage 3rd Party Logistics discounts!


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When we started out, we didn’t have the most warehouse locations or the best technology. So, we focused more on customer support. We believe in working with our partners and treating their business as our own always looking out for their business.

Customer service is what differentiates us from everyone else, a dedicated team for operation excellence and what matters most to you!

Work with us and leverage our years of expertise in the ecommerce industry, always here to help you when you need us the most!


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