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Build Confidence in your business by delegating your operations and logistics to us!

We’ll use our years of expertise to make sure your products/brands are being fully optimized and fulfilled with the highest quality assurance.

“Operational Excellence is key! We should all be working towards achieving a perfect score!”

Caleb A Lee, CEO Powered by Fulfillment, Inc.

Our Services



  • Pick & Packing

  • Kitting/Bundles

  • Affordable Storage

  • 2 Day Shipping

  • International Shipping

  • Amazon PRIME Shipping
  • Flat Rate/Dynamic Shipping

  • Returns

Additional Perks

  • OMNI channel listing (listing on multiple marketplaces from one online software)

  • Real Time Inventory Management

  • Avg Cost Management

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Predicted Purchasing

  • Predicted FBA Shipments
  • Order Profit & Loss Calculations

Automation Available

  • Vendor Drop-Ship Automation

  • FBA Drop-Ship Automation

  • Full Profit & Loss on FBM & FBA Orders

Why Choose Us

Ready to Scale!

We’re ready to scale when you are! Take the stress of running the day to day operations and delegate it to us, so you can work more ON the business rather than IN the business. Focus more on driving your business forward and leave the logistics to us!

Get Stress Free Operations!



Operational Excellence


Dedicated Support

Have someone dedicated to helping you with anything you need! Dedicated Support Team Members with a “All Hands on Deck” approach!

Cost Effective & Flexible Shipping

Leverage our high volume discounted shipping rates! You deserve to have lower shipping costs to compete with the growing eCommerce market!

Full Inventory Management

Have full control and view of all of your inventory, no matter what warehouse it’s in! See your FBA Inventory and use that data to create automated Purchasing and FBA Shipment Creation!

Peace of Mind

Create a stress free environment for yourself to have peace of mind. Don’t worry about your Operations and focus more on your business! 

Returns Management

Let us deal with your online returns, we’ll restock anything that comes back in new condition and sort out the rest!

Powerful eCommerce Software

Access to a powerful eCommerce software that will help you become more efficient in your day to day Operations outside of a warehouse.


Our Partners

Expert Shippers

Shipping Partners




Heavy package solutions, for any destination! Leverage our relationship with UPS to take care of those hard to move orders.



Light & Heavy

Leverage DHL’s fast & expedited services for light weight orders. Discounted International Rates. 



Light & Heavy International

Best International Rates for all weights and sizes. Full tracking services to 180 countries.



Light & Heavy

Endicia has the best US rates available. Get your orders to your customers while saving money!


What People Are Saying

“A huge help when it comes to handling the logistics part of our US community. Always acting with the best of intentions and looking out for us.”

Trung Nguyen

US Representative, Vietnamese Brand

“Fast, reliable and flexible with work. Always willing to find a way to work together.”


US Representative, International Brand

“Easy to work with and very understanding. Definitely reduces my stress on the day to day operations.”


CEO, Ginnie Pham

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Working ON your business rather than IN your business is just one click away!