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FBA Prep Services


FBA Prep Services

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B2B Distribution

B2B Distribution


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Business to Business Distribution



Stress-free Order Management

We’ll ship out the orders for you using the most cost effective method we have based on the level of when the orders needs to get to the customer. You don’t have to worry about management shipping costs or order processing. All orders will come through and be fulfilled automatically.

Best-in-Class Support
Significant Shipping Discounts

Real-Time Inventory Management

Always know how much inventory you have stored in our warehouse and at Amazon in one seamless cloud based software!

Information readily available for you to make the best decisions for your B2B Operations!

Full Breakdown Profit & Loss

With access to the current software we’re using you can see your profitability on your order and ALL associated costs even from settlement reports from Amazon, eBay, FBA Transit Fees, Etc.


  • COGS
  • Marketplace Fees
  • Commission Fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • Co-Op Fees
  • Shipping Cost Fees
  • Tax
  • Promotion
  • Rebates
  • Total Order Cost
  • Settlement Report Fees
  • Payments
Best-in-Class Support
Significant Shipping Discounts

Significant Shipping Discounts

Powered by Fulfillment receives significant B2B shipping discounts from all major shipping carriers and we pass those saving onto you with no additional charge or added expense. Leverage 3rd Party Logistics B2B discounts!


Free Receiving



    We practice good faith receiving, so we do not charge you any fees to receive your inventory. As long as you shipments meet our receiving guidelines. This is to ensure that we can easily and accurately receive you shipment as fast as possible without any delays.

Receiving Guidelines:


  • Product contains a Unique Bar-code
  • Purchase Order # showing on the outside of your shipment
  • Shipments are segregated, not co-mingled with multiple SKUs and thrown into one box with no identifiers.
Best-in-Class Support

Explore your storage needs!


Estimate your storage requirements!


We've strategically designed our storage and inventory system to assign SKUs to storage locations according to product size, quantity and turn over rate. This allows you to store more inventory at a greater affordable rate!

Each product SKU will need its own unique storage location to ensure order accuracy!

Small Bin

(12 x 8 x 4.5 in)




Medium Bin

(23 x 15 x 10 in)




Large Bin

(16 x 14 x 18 in)




X-Large Bin

(16 x 20 x 24 in)




Full Rack

(24 x 8 x 36 in)





(48 x 40 x 52 in)




One-off Additional Costs


One-off Fulfillment Costs


Why pay for additional services that you don't need? We only charge you for what you use! If you ever need additional assistance, our exceptionally trained fulfillment experts are there to support any of your needs!

Special Projects

$35 /man-hour

These are fees that are outside of the services we offer. Sometimes operations means you add something extra into the mix, our affordable special projects fees are for that exact situation! Have a special projects done on your orders exactly how you want it to be done and customized! No matter the job, we'll do it right at a cost-effective rate!

Container Unloading

$300 per 20' container

$450 per 40' container  

If your containers are coming in on pallets, there is no receiving charge to unload your container. If the container is floor-loaded and we need to palletize your inventory for you, you'll be charged based on the size of the container.

Software Maintenance

$0.25 per order


In order for us to offer software to our partners for FBM Services, there is a small charge to get access to a cloud based end to end software to manage your entire business of eCommerce. Access to leading industry software for eCommerce.


Packaging Materials

$0.15 ~ $2.00

We stock over 80 different shipping boxes, bubble mailers, clear poly bags, white poly mailers and pallets. We can also order custom boxes and sizes for you!

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Free Integrations

FBA Prep Service

Need someone to do your FBA Prep and send your shipments to Amazon? We're a perfect fit, delegate your FBA operations to us!

Subscription Box & Crowdfunding

Subscription Box & Crowdfunding

Looking for crowdfunding and subscription box services? No matter the task, explore an opportunity with us!

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