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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Custom Pricing?

Custom Pricing is an additional discount applied to picking, packing & shipping your products from our warehouse.

It’s based on if your products are eligible to be labeled as “Easily Managed Items”.


How do I get Custom Pricing?

Contact us with your product details and we’ll evaluate if your products meet the “Easily Managed Items” criteria for additional discounts!


What is the Custom Pricing Criteria?

Custom Pricing is based on volume and if your products are eligible for what we call “Easily Managed Items”. These are easily managed items that do not take a large portion of time to fulfill on your behalf.

Is Custom Pricing only available for "Easily Managed Items"?

Absolutely not, Custom Pricing can be applied anywhere. It may just be a matter of volume at that point and pricing will reflect the pricing for wholesales.

Do you offer Wholesale Pricing?

Absolutely! We offer wholesale pricing, especially for items that do not meet the “Easily Managed Items” criteria. We’re always looking for ways to save our partners money and Wholesale Pricing is definitely a big one!

Is there Custom Pricing for Start-Ups?

Yes! We understand that Start-Ups may require additional help when first getting off the ground, so we love working with our partners to grow together and explore all the opportunities to work together!

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