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Review your Storage Fees

Storage Fees are based on Pallets and CuFt. Everything stored outside of a Pallet is charged by CuFt.
How many units are you storing?
What are the DIMs of the product you are storing?
How many Pallets are you storing?


per CuFt


Per Pallet
Estimated Storage Cost



Quick FAQs

How are Storage Costs calculated?

Storage is calculated based pallet position; every pallet is 48" x 40" x 56" ~ about 62.22 CuFt - (Subject to your product type)

We also offer Storage rates at a CuFt, for HVF (High Volume Fulfillment Partners). Click here to learn more!

You can check out our pricing estimators here:

What if my inventory is lost/damaged?

We have our own insurance protecting such equipment, personal properties, etc.

However, your inventory is not insured by us, and you are solely responsible for providing your own insurances for your own inventory while it is in our possession.

Lost inventory in the warehouse, happens, but we are definitely on top of it! We rarely see inventory discrepancies or shrinkages, although no matter what fulfillment provider you use, you're not going to avoid such things - it's a part of the business of eCommerce.

How do I use the Storage Calculator above?

The calculator above is very simple!

Pallet Storage:

  1. Scroll back the scroller to "0".
  2. Input the number of pallets you are storing with PBF into the "How many Pallets are you storing?" section.
  3. Look at "Estimated Storage Cost" for a quick estimate of your Storage Fees!

CuFt Storage:

  1. Input the number of pallets into the "How many Pallets are you storing?" section as "0".
  2. Input your avg product dimensions into "What are the DIMs of the product you are storing?"
  3. Use the Scroller to indicate how many units you are going to be storing with PBF.
  4. Look at "Estimated Storage Cost" for a quick estimate of your Storage Fees!


Normal CuFt Calculations are based on ((L x W x H)/1728) * Product Quantity

Are we being charged for Storage, either full or half month when my products enter PBF?

We do not charge any Storage inbounding fees, such as a full or half month as inventory arrives at our warehouse.

You will be charged for whatever your inventory is on the 15th and the last day of every month.

For Example: If you have 10 pallets come in on the 5th of the month and it goes out on the 14th. You are not charged any Storage for those 10 pallets.

Only what your inventory reflects in the system at the time the snapshot is taken on the 15th and last day of the month is what your Storage fees will be.

What is included with my partnership with PBF?

We have a number of additional perks included when you partner with PBF! Our goal is to be your Supportive CoO and take the edge off of running the logistics in your business, so you can focus on driving your business to grow faster and stronger!

  • Discounted Shipping
  • Dedicated Partner Support
  • RT Inventory Management
  • OMNI Channel
  • Reports
  • Automated Billing
  • Free Receiving (Subject to Guidelines)
  • SPS Commerce
  • FBA / WFS Processing
  • Customized Fulfillment Solutions
  • End to End On-Boarding set-up, we'll do it all for you!
  • Unlimited Integrations
Are there receiving fees to inbound my products?

Receiving is fully free, as long as you are adhering to the receiving guidelines. Learn More!

If your products come in and they do not adhere to the receiving guidelines, it will be considered as a Special Project to reconcile the shipment, before it can be put away into Storage.

Our Pricing

Transparent Pricing all the way through! No hidden fees and all pricing can be found on our website. We believe pricing should be as straight forward as your fulfillment, no complicated miscommunication and fully automated! Review all of your pricing before and contact us if you think you qualify for a special quote!

Included with your Partnership!

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Discounted Shipping

Significant Savings

Powered by Fulfillment receives significant shipping discounts from all major shipping carriers and we pass those saving onto you with no additional charge or added expense. Leverage 3rd Party Logistics discounts!

Unlimited Integrations


Tons of integrations for all types of eCommce or retail businesses. Check out what we can integrate with here. Best part is every integration is free to access! Never get charged to expand your business!

Dedicated Partner Support


Get access to a dedicated customer support team member who will help you through your entire journey with PBF!

Customized Fulfillment


Customizing the packaging process is a great way to create an unbelievable unboxing experience for your customers. Custom packaging, gift messaging, special packaging materials and promotional inserts are a great way to get your brand image out there!

Free Receiving

RT Inventory Management

FBA / WFS Processing

SPS Commerce

Automated Billing