How it works

Explore an Opportunity with PBF!

Partnering with PBF is a must choice, we're specialists in high volume and high quality, with a combined expertise in eCommerce and Logistics, get access to a supportive COO that will support you in any way we can!


Send us your Products!

We're dedicated high volume fulfillment specialists! Once you on-board with us, we'll set you up from end to end, all you need to do is focus on sending your inventory to our warehouse and we'll begin high volume fulfillment on your behalf!


End to End Set-Up!

We'll set you up End to End with a cloud based software so you can access your fulfillment anywhere you go! Don't worry about the complexity of WMS, we provide and set up every part of the system for you! More focus to your business and peace of mind!


Fully Integrate to Marketplaces!

We have tons of integrations to make sure we can get your orders into our system and fulfill them! One way or another, we will automate the workflows for you!


Automated Billing!

All of your invoices are automated, so no human errors when it comes to invoices and fully transparent pricing, everything is on our website! You only get changed for what you see!


Starting High Volume Fulfillment!

Once you've been set up, we'll start fulfilling all of your high volume orders! Watch as your orders are picked & packed at rapid speeds to ensure your promise to your customers make it on time!


Shipping High Volume Orders!

Once your orders are picked and packed, we'll generate a shipping label for the exact shipping carrier you want and ensure a daily pick-up! We have multiple carriers and daily truck drop-offs to shipping carriers specific for high volume shippers!


Customer Happiness!

Your promise to your customers is important to us and we invest in the success of our partners to ensure all of our partner's customers are happy!