Receiving Guidelines

Receiving Requirements

All Products have a Scannable Unique Barcode

Efficiency and accuracy is key, we require all products to have some type of scan-able UPC or FNSKU equivelent for us to accurately identify your products while in our care!

All Cartons have a PO Number, SKU, Qty & Scannable Unique Barcode

We know the longer your products stay in the receiving area the less you’re going to sell, so we ensure and work with every partner to make sure the necessary information to efficiently receive your products into the system, so you can sell more rapidly!

We can provide labels with the necessary information for you to give to your Manufacturers/Vendors!

One SKU per Carton

To keep things simple for you and us, we require one SKU per carton/case.

Mixed cartons on pallets is okay!

Container Unloads

$300 – 20′ Container

$450 – 40′ Container

$550 – 40′ HC Container

$600 – 45′ HC Container