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What is Revenue Based Fulfillment?

Revenue Based Fulfillment is when your pricing and discounts are based on your performance as a merchant based on your RPP (Revenue Per Pallet). We aim to give our merchants the best fulfillment experience possible, not only providing competitive SLAs (Ship Late Agreements, shipping metrics we are obligated to hit on your behalf), but also creating sustainability for both sides. To ensure there is no interruption in operations.

When you turn your inventory over quickly and outperform your RPP, you can receive additional discounts up to 40%+ on your invoices. We want to reward our merchants for over performing and incentivize you to continue to ship more and more!


What is the turnaround on finding a warehouse partner?

We aim to find you a warehouse partner for your consideration within 72 hours after our consultation call. We want to make sure we pair you with the right partner if we cannot take you on in one of our warehouse locations.

If you find that the warehouse partner we’ve connected you with isn’t the right fit, you can come back to us and we will pair you with another until you’re comfortable with the fit! Our goal is to find you a warehouse partner that meets your requirements at NO COST to you!

What if you don't meet our warehouse requirements like Frozen Storage or Hazardous Handling?

No problem at all, although we do not have frozen storage or allow hazardous material into our own facilities we can connect you to a warehouse partner that specializes in those types of requirements. We have a large warehouse network to make sure we find you the best warehouse partner for your fulfillment requirements! This comes at NO COST to you!

If we are a 3PL can we join your Trusted Preferred Warehouse Network?

Absolutely, we take the screening of our warehouse network seriously, as we find warehouses for our merchants we want to make sure we get it right the first time and the logistics experience is an amazing one. So, the screening process of warehouse partners we have is somewhat a long process and the vetting is very controlled.

If you think you would be a great fit to join our network you can absolutely contact us and we can get an evaluation and visit scheduled!

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