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About Us

We’re a professional 3rd party logistics company that specializes in Fulfilled by Amazon Preparation and eCommerce Fulfillment D2C.

We’ve been working in the logistics industry for 11 years and we are well versed in all of the policies and regulations to sell on every single major online marketplace. What we bring to the table is a partnership with you whether you’re new to selling online or already a seasoned seller/brand. We understand the entire process of sourcing, selling, shipping, prepping and brand management strategies as well as full optimization of eCommerce logistics systems/processes to ensure that you’re able to sell with confidence knowing that your products are being fulfilled by experts who are looking out for YOU and your products/brands.

As a company our value is to always strive for Operational Excellence! We take pride and joy in what we do. so, as a baseline we believe that when we’re trusted with a job to carry out, we’ll carry it out like we have skin in the game as well. Always striving for Operational Excellence allows us to offer an extra sense of protection when it comes to handling our partner’s inventory, orders, customers and reputation.

We work everyday to make sure that our partners are proud of what we do and we’re always growing together!

We’re currently located in Los Angeles County (Chino Area) and expanding soon.

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