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Cloud Based Software


Get access to powerful eCommerce software that will make your day to day business tasks much easier! Make important decisions about your business with actionable data!


Manage your stores online and through a cloud based software. Leverage multiple selling points and manage it all in one place.

No more switching between seller accounts to get your work done.


Freedom & Ease

Run your business from anywhere! Full access at any location with an internet connection!


Cut down on payroll by introducing automation into your operations. More optimization will save time and resources.

Software Reporting Graph

Profit & Loss

Calculating a true Profit & Loss statement can be very inaccurate and time consuming. Know exactly how much you’re making on every order exactly! Have all your settlement data imported and calculated for you on an order level.

Accurate data

There is a lot of data associated to eCommerce. Leverage automation and pull accurate Profit & Loss settlement data and have it simplified for you.

Create Result

Make the right decision for your business by having actionable data you can trust!


Profit & Loss

Have access to Profit & Loss on an order level, so you always know how much money you’re making on every order!

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory from anywhere, always know how much inventory you have in a cloud based platform.

Sales Revenue Analytics

Get another view on your sales revenue. Streamline your reporting process.

OMNI Channel Listing

List from a cloud based software from anywhere in the world. Attach all data to one database.

Predicted Purchasing

Get suggested purchasing options. Have your volume based purchasing power to make quick and accurate decisions.


Get suggested FBA Shipment requests. base on Volume and projected future sales. Never go out of stock in FBA.

AVG cost MAnagement

Make sure you have full control of your DIO and cost of products to ensure you’re always profitable.

Drop-ship automation

Access quick and simple automation for drop-shipping from FBA or any warehouse.

Returns management

Manage and create RMAs associated on an order level. Re-coup losses and understand the end to end losses.

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