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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there additional discounts for subscription boxes that are easily managed?

Absolutely there is! If your subscription boxes are eligible for “Easily Managed Items” there are definitely discounted rates available.

Is there an additional charge to assemble subscription boxes for 8 or more items?

Yes there is. The additional charge is $0.25 per additional item. Some items are eligible for this to be removed, depending on the product being prepared. Some products are easier to handle than others.

Do you charge for unloading Containers?

No. We only charge for unloading FLOOR-LOADED containers. You can find the pricing here. If your subscription box materials are coming via a container you can always use our storage for easier preparation and fulfillment to your customers!

How To Get Started With Us?

You can contact us here to get started. We’ll evaluate if your product is eligible for additional discounts and how we can explore the opportunity to work together!

Will I be charged an additional Pick & Pack fee?

No, there is no pick & pack fee associated to the subscription box assembly. We’re creating the boxes at the time they need to be shipped, so to charge you twice would not be okay with us. We want you to be able to grow your business and part of that is cutting cost and optimization on our end.

Can we store inventory with you to assemble our subscription boxes at a later date?

Absolutely! We love to save our clients money with our affordable storage it’s much cheaper than Amazon’s storage. You can find the storage pricing here.

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