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Storage Fees are based on Pallets and CuFt. Everything stored outside of a Pallet is charged by CuFt.
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Transparent Pricing all the way through! No hidden fees and all pricing can be found on our website. We believe pricing should be as straight forward as your fulfillment, no complicated miscommunication and fully automated! Review all of your pricing before and contact us if you think you qualify for a special quote!

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Powered by Fulfillment receives significant shipping discounts from all major shipping carriers and we pass those saving onto you with no additional charge or added expense. Leverage 3rd Party Logistics discounts!

Unlimited Integrations


Tons of integrations for all types of eCommce or retail businesses. Check out what we can integrate with here. Best part is every integration is free to access! Never get charged to expand your business!

Dedicated Partner Support


Get access to a dedicated customer support team member who will help you through your entire journey with PBF!

Customized Fulfillment


Customizing the packaging process is a great way to create an unbelievable unboxing experience for your customers. Custom packaging, gift messaging, special packaging materials and promotional inserts are a great way to get your brand image out there!

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Real-Time inventory Management, get updates and sync your inventory to all of your marketplaces in Real-Time!

Special Projects

Get full visibility of your orders from multiple integrations in one seamless cloud based software. 

Packaging Materials

Access to shipping on demand, choose and automate your shipping process!