Powered by Fulfillment’s standard pick and pack fee applies to products under 5 lbs. Items weighing over 5 lbs will incur a weight-based surcharge. Items that are 5 lbs and greater require more handling to pick the product as well as a larger packing station and we have a weight-surcharge in place to account for the additional labor required to ship these items. The surcharge will be added onto your standard pick fee and will vary based on the item’s weight. You can see a breakdown of the surcharges below:


Pick Fee

Additional same SKU pick(s)

0lbs – 4.99lbs

standard pick fees

standard pick fees

5lbs – 9.99lbs

+$1 surcharge

+$0.50 surcharge


+$2 surcharge

+$1 surcharge


+$3 surcharge

+$1.50 surcharge


+$4 surcharge

+$2 surcharge


+$5 surcharge

+$2.50 surcharge


+$6 surcharge

+$3.00 surcharge


+$7 surcharge

+$3.50 surcharge

40lbs+ +$1 surcharge per every 5lbs +$0.50 surcharge per every 5lbs
500lb (Max Surcharge) +$100 surcharge (Max) +$50 surcharge (Max)

Example 1: If you are shipping a 24lb kettlebell, you would pay the standard pick fee plus a surcharge of $4.00. In addition, when picking an order of two kettlebells the first would incur the $4.00 surcharge and the second kettlebell would incur a $2.00 surcharge.

Example 2: If you sell 8oz bottles of lotion and also offer them in a master case of 48 units, the fee for shipping the 8oz bottle would be your standard pick fee but the master case, since it weighs 24lbs, would incur a $4.00 surcharge and a $2.00 surcharge for additional units in the same order.