Why large eCommerce companies are using the PBF Network!

Most eCommerce companies want to fit into a customized fulfillment experience for their unique niche! We’re just the partner you’re looking for! We tailer our fulfillment service around your business and provide brand owner special perks to go along with it!

See what our Partners say about us!

Such a pleasure to work with a 3PL that cares about your business! We’ve been through many logistics companies, but PBF really gives us that care and intensive support we’ve been looking ages for in a 3PL. Even when we’re not the easiest to work with, they are more than understanding and willing to work with us through any obstacles!

Trung Nguyen

Coffee Brand

Quick and efficient, our orders are fulfilled so quickly, we sometimes don’t even have the chance to cancel some! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but we’ve never had a problem with our orders being late, that’s for sure!



We’re a small family owned business, we’ve been with PBF since the beginning and they’ve really come together as a critical part of our own business. They’re basically apart of our family at this point, we couldn’t imagine being with any other logistics company. PBF built a fulfillment system that works best for us as a whole!

Tiresias Mist


Logistics Solution for any Business Owner!

PBF specializes fulfillment in the most popular Industries.
Toddler Products
Food & Beverages
Kitchen & Dining
Pet Products
Sporting/Fitness Equipment
Toys & Games
Arts & Crafts
Office Products
Luxury Goods

Shipping Discounts

Shipping Costs are the biggest expense to your line item, optimizing zones and shipping rates are vital to any company, get additional shipping discounts with PBF!

Supportive CoO

We support you through more than just fulfillment, we're your own mini CoO. We have over 10 years experience in eCommerce and Logistics from all types of store integrations and potential start-up issues you may be experiencing. We can help and walk you through it all! Leverage our years of experience and get access to more than just a "Pick, Pack & Ship" experience. We're here to support you in any way we can and be as supportive to your Operations as we can!

Fulfillment Shopping Carts

Our Pricing

Transparent Pricing all the way through! No hidden fees and all pricing can be found on our website. We believe pricing should be as straight forward as your fulfillment, no complicated miscommunication and fully automated! Review all of your pricing before and contact us if you think you qualify for a special quote!

Scalable solution for all types of Brand Owners

We scale with all types of partners especially Brand Owners, we’re experts in customized fulfillment solutions, so every fulfillment experience feels like it was made just for you! No matter how big or if you’re just starting out, we have a solution you’re going to love! Contact a PBF representative to get more information on how we can provide you the solutions you’ve been looking for!

Customized Fulfillment

We personalize every fulfillment experience with all of our partners! Not every business is as straight forward as we think and we understand that on a deeper level than most, so we tailor every fulfillment experience exactly to you as a partner!

Companies Who Trust Us