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What To Look For in a Fulfillment Company

Are you looking for ways to improve your online business? If so, give equal attention to product quality and delivery since customers value and expect both from professional services. Powered by Fulfillment (PBF) is the ideal fulfillment company for your business. Read on as we explore what to look for when hiring a logistics partner.



Inventory Management

You don’t have to handle your inventory if you hire a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. While this is beneficial, it may cause problems later on since you could lose track of your stock.


Look for a company that provides reliable solutions for managing your inventory. The right solutions will make your work easier and keep you in the loop.


PBF is ideal for your business because we provide information at every step. Our solution offers daily audits and safety stock alerts. This way, you never have to worry about overselling products.


Our system also employs lot tracking and First In First Out (FIFO) practices. This policy protects you from ending up with expired stock. Any reliable company should explain how they’ll streamline your inventory management processes.




Most online merchants hire 3PL providers once their sales volumes increase, but they make the mistake of overlooking future expansions. Some have to keep on changing service providers every time their sales increase.


That’s exhausting and can affect your ability to deliver items on time. Choose a company that can adjust to your evolving business needs.


We’ll show you how we plan to change our current systems to meet your future needs. Our company has a diverse client base consisting of small and large businesses. You won’t have to find another logistics partner when your business grows.




Amazon’s two-day shipping policy has redefined the online marketplace. Customers expect faster shipping, so you must be fast to remain competitive.


You can only achieve this by choosing the right partner. A reliable company has a network of shipping partners to guarantee consistent, timely delivery.


PBF has one of the best delivery track records because of reliable shipping methods. We work closely with carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Overseas Forwarders.


Our team can customize your system by mapping your marketplace’s shipping methods. You don’t have to select a shipping method for every purchase. Customization translates to speedier deliveries and more convenience for your business.




Getting new customers costs money, so you must keep your current ones happy. While there are many ways to achieve this, none are as effective as simply keeping your word.


Research shows that customers track each delivery an average of 6.2 times on mobile apps. This shows that focus should be on delivering quality products at the agreed-upon time. You can’t always do this independently, hence the need for a transparent fulfillment company.


PBF keeps you in the loop by giving you complete visibility of your orders. You’ll know when customers make orders, so you can start planning delivery immediately. This, combined with automated shipping, helps you deliver products within the customer’s anticipated timeframe.



Returns Management

Customers can return products they buy online more than they do from brick-and-mortar stores. While you can’t control all the reasons for the high return rates, you can reduce or eliminate some.


Ideal partners recognize that their roles don’t end after shipping products. They look for ways to improve forward logistics to reduce controllable returns.


The right company can provide solutions that identify serial returners — people who are used to ordering and returning products. This information helps you improve their confidence in your products and reduce returns.


PBF’s solution gives you details on order cancellations and replacements. We issue return merchandise authorization (RMA) to give customers the best experiences.



Reports Generation

You can only operate a successful business if you continually improve yourself. You can achieve this by assessing your reports to identify problem areas.


An ideal company will help you do this by giving consistent logistics reports. The reports should outline everything from invoice charges to profit and loss statements.


Our solution generates automatic reports free from human error. Rest assured that any information you receive is authentic and reliable. You can base your business decisions on the information we provide.




Chances are, you already have some inventory management tools to improve customers’ experiences. Your new service provider should be in a position to work with these tools. Otherwise, you’ll have to make manual entries, which can cause mistakes.


PBF’s solution works with top marketplaces and shopping carts. We are ideal for merchants looking for software that works with other tools.



Choosing a Fulfillment Company

Any reliable fulfillment company will have the capabilities discussed in this article. Assess any company you come across based on these factors to make the right choice.


Powered by Fulfillment is a top choice for businesses in various industries. Our services help you provide the best customer shopping experiences across different marketplaces. Contact us for a custom quote based on your needs.