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Steps We Take To Provide the Best Fulfillment for Your Business

The fulfillment industry is forever changing as new technologies emerge to provide solutions to customer dynamics. At Powered by Fulfillment (PBF), we offer a comprehensive logistics service menu to help you easily ship products. Our cloud-based inventory management system enables you to manage your stock, orders, and shipping using a convenient dashboard accessible anytime. Here’s an overview of the steps we use for the best logistics:



1.    We Have Multiple Warehouses

Proper inventory storage and organization are key for effective order processing. Whether you ship directly to customers or send products to eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon, we’ll take care of your inventory. PBF has state-of-the-art warehouses in multiple locations for convenient order processing and shipping. You can send your products to our warehouse, where they’ll be kept safely awaiting picking, packing, labeling, and shipping.


Our warehouses can handle all products and feature special facilities to handle delicate items. We’re an insured company, so your inventory will be in good hands. Our team will handle all inventory-related services, including daily cycle count audits, lot tracking, returns, and more. We’ll organize your inventory into easily accessible compartments where our teams can pick orders, package products, label them, and ship them to the ordered address.



2.    We Offer Sophisticated Tools

PBF offers a one-of-a-kind warehouse management system that allows you seamless visibility and control of your inventory. We also have shipping software and inventory management software under a single portal. You can track inventory levels across all sales channels and use various integrations for maximum control. Our software also allows you to identify best-selling SKUs and receive low-stock alerts. The portal is online so that you can access it anytime you want.


We offer real-time management, updates, and synchronized inventory. You’ll get complete visibility of your orders from different integrations and access to shipping on demand. Our system automates your shipping process and doesn’t limit the types of fulfillment we can offer. You can enjoy OMNI channel listings, reports on all services, and automated billing. Our goal is to simplify the complex shipping process through automation and seamless integrations.



3.    We Cover All Fulfillment Aspects

At PBF, we provide a full suite of logistics services, from inventory management to billing. You can find a solution for all types of fulfillment, including eCommerce, subscription boxes, B2B, and FBA/WFS processing. When you partner with us, we’ll receive your inventory and set up an end-to-end warehouse management system. The system offers fully integrated marketplaces so you can get orders from multiple channels.


PBF invoices are automated, so you can forget human error and embrace transparent pricing. Once we set up the framework, we can start picking your orders and shipping products to the requested addresses. We work with B2B and D2C companies and accommodate hybrid fulfillments to give your customers extended freedom. Our team can ship high-volume orders and keep your customers engaged with adequate tracking information and 24/7 support.



4.    We Offer High Volume D2C Perks

Do you ship high-volume products directly to customers? PBF offers you a unique chance to leverage D2C perks like no other. Our high-volume D2C fulfillment features free receiving and packaging, so you can send your inventory without worrying about the cost. We don’t charge pick & pack fees and feature zero monthly minimums. Our shipping costs are also flat with no additional item fees. You can expect a simple automated billing process and schedule.


PBF also prioritizes parcel protection and offers SLA guarantees. Other high-volume D2C perks include zero weight surcharge fees, discounted shipping, free unlimited integrations, and dedicated partner support. We also offer customized logistics services. We aim to provide seamless order processing that sets you apart from the competition. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and constantly improve our services to maintain high standards.



5.    We Automate the Fulfillment Process

Automation is at the heart of modern logistics. The supply chain has become more complex, and manual operations are no longer efficient. At PBF, we leverage modern technology and software to automate various functions of the shipping process. Our inventory management system offers a central dashboard where you can view, track and manage all orders. You can enjoy complete visibility and take full charge of your inventory, orders, and channels.


Our platform fully integrates tracking and notification tools, scheduled reporting, and automated billing. You’ll enjoy real-time management and unlimited integrations that can customize the experience for your customers. Once the warehouse management system is set up, you’ll have full access to the portal and can see real-time updates and reports. We’re also available 24/7, and the system is automatically updated with the latest features.



6.    We Offer a Supportive Mini COO

Partnering with PBF offers you an excellent opportunity to work with experts in eCommerce and logistics. You’ll gain access to a supportive COO ready to help you through more than just fulfillment. Our team comprises experienced professionals with knowledge of all types of store integrations. We work with startups, growing businesses, and large enterprises and have more than ten years of experience in the logistics industry. Our team can handle all challenges.


PBF is your mini COO, ready to provide a professional experience, so your customers are happy. You can reach our support team for help and clarity about any aspect of our services. We’re more than a Pick, Pack & Ship company and work with online merchants, eCommerce sellers, and distribution centers. Our goal is to aid your success by providing premium software solutions and warehousing services. We also customize our services to your business needs.



Fulfillment Services You Can Trust

Automating your orders and shipping services requires efficient systems. Working with logistics companies like PBF is the best way to guarantee success and save more time. The company will take care of inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, preparation, pallet in/out, kitting, drayage, and more. PBF is a 3PL dedicated to serving online merchants who ship to popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfair, and Shopify.


We also work with D2C companies that send high-volume products to customers and retailers. When you partner with Powered by Fulfillment, you can leverage our experience to provide the best shipping experience to your customers. Our goal is to streamline your logistics and make managing your inventories and orders easy. We offer advanced management solutions that simplify the entire process and allow instant access and total control.