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What Do Order Fulfillment Companies Do?

Whether you operate a startup or a well-established business, working with a reputable order fulfillment company can help you expedite and streamline customer shipments. At Powered by Fulfillment, we simplify the acquisition and shipment of orders to your customers’ doorstep. We fulfill your orders correctly and promptly to enhance customer experience and elevate your brand reputation. Read on to find out what else our order fulfillment company can do for your business.



Receive Orders

Regardless of your business size and type, getting orders from suppliers is the first thing order fulfillment companies do. At Powered by Fulfillment, we help you get quality products from your suppliers (internal or external suppliers). Our qualified fulfillment staff picks up the items on your behalf upon arrival.


We also counter-check the order details to make sure that you receive all items ordered for instant processing and delivery to customers. Here are extra activities regarding order reception that our fulfillment staff handles:

  • Counting Products Received: We make sure that you receive the exact number of items you’ve ordered from your suppliers. This offers you the correct quantity of merchandise required to meet your customer’s needs.
  • Inspecting Items for Damage: Our order fulfillment staff checks for damaged items to avoid returns from your customers. We help prevent you from spending extra money buying goods to supplement orders for disappointed customers, saving you time and money.
  • Installing a Tracking Device: Powered by Fulfillment staff helps integrate Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and product codes to our warehouse management software. The software keeps track of your product’s location, current item count, and the number of sales. It gives you ample time to prepare your warehouse for the order in transit. Our warehouse management software allows you easily retrieve items from internal storage to save time.


As a trusted 3PL, we dedicate ourselves to delivering your merchandise on time to keep your operations going. Partner with us today to start receiving high-volume orders promptly.



Manage Inventories

Proper inventory storage and organization maximize the speed and accuracy of your order fulfillment processes. This simplifies order location and retrieval, saving time in the overall process. At Powered by Fulfillment, we prepare and organize your received inventory for storage. Our fulfillment staff helps disburse fragile and highly perishable items immediately to your customers to prevent damage. We also forward durable goods to warehouses for storage and organization.


Here are various inventory storage activities we handle:

  • Designating each SKU or product code a particular storage bin for a more efficient and faster order processing.
  • Storing overflow items in a distinct section of the order fulfillment company’s warehouse.
  • Placing products with high demand (those considered hot SKUs) closer to packaging stations for faster order processing and delivery.


We offer real-time RT Inventory Management services integrated with cloud-based software to provide utmost inventory visibility and accessibility. You get the chance to examine and maintain a constant shipment flow to verify that the available stock meets customers’ demands. We conduct daily cycle count audits so that you have adequate supplies for your customers.


Our order fulfillment staff strives to manage and organize your inventories for utmost efficiency. We also offer practical solutions such as Lot and S/N Tracking to ensure your deliveries are safe. Get in touch to learn more about how we manage orders and inventories.



Process Orders

Every online business should process orders properly for your customer’s purchases. This helps you understand outgoing orders and determine what orders need fulfillment. Our Powered by Fulfillment staff helps simplify this process. We provide a cloud-based access order management platform to view, cancel, and replace orders easily.


Below are additional tasks we handle to ensure efficient order processing:

  • Picking Specific Products: We select specific products ordered by customers from the warehouse shelves. Our fulfillment staff then transports the items to your business’ order packaging station for delivery.
  • Running Quality Control Checks: At the packaging station, our fulfillment staff inspects the products to make sure they are in good condition. The team also ensures the products are of the expected quality and quantity to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Selecting Packaging Materials: We offer different packaging materials, shipping boxes, and mailers for safe product delivery. Our experienced fulfillment staff determines the best materials to package your goods based on their nature and condition.
  • Customizing Packaging Materials: Our fulfillment staff customizes packaging materials to give customers a branded unboxing experience. We also assemble different products into one group (Kitting) for easy shipment.

Let our order fulfillment specialists handle all order processing tasks for you. Contact us to find out how we process orders.



Shipping Orders

Our fulfillment staff helps prepare your orders for shipment by sealing boxes, adding return labels, and stamping order receipts. We weigh the packaged merchandise to determine transport costs and shipping discounts.


We partner with many shipping carriers who offer significant discounts for you to enjoy. Our fulfillment experts also automate the shipping system, easing the tiresome task of selecting a shipping method for each order. Below are the shipping carriers we use to transport orders:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Ascendia
  • Overseas Forwarders


After dispatch, we provide reports on your order status, allowing you to track and prepare for deliveries. Contact us to find out more and enjoy shipping on demand or select and automate your merchandise’s delivery process.



Processing Returns

The order fulfillment process often ends upon product reception, unless a customer wants to return the products delivered. At Powered by Fulfillment, we make things easier for you and your customers. We receive and process returns without charging extra fees for the service provided.


Our fulfillment staff lists addresses to enable customers to return unwanted goods. These experts have vast knowledge about handling customer returns and understand your return policies best. We help purchase, process, and deliver new orders to your customers to replace the returned goods.


We refer to your business’ return policies to make the process effective and compliant. Our fulfillment staff reminds your customers about the deadline for returning their orders.


We enlighten your customers on the specific order conditions that qualify for returns and describe the process of returning orders. You can have peace of mind and be able to focus on other important business aspects. Contact us to learn more about how we handle customer returns.



Outsource the Best Order Fulfillment Services From Professionals

At Powered by Fulfillment, we provide exceptional shipment services to online merchants. We help sellers ship their products to customers and eCommerce stores such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Shopify, Etsy, and others. Get started with us today to enjoy premium order fulfillment services and keep your customers satisfied!