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FAQs about Powered by Fulfillment


Your business doesn’t run if you can’t fill orders, but the fulfillment process can be difficult and frustrating. A good fulfillment company can take this burden off your shoulders and let you get back to running your business. If this interests you, Powered by Fulfillment Inc. may be able to help.


Here are some common questions about Powered by Fulfillment and our services.


What Is a Fulfillment Company?

A fulfillment company specializes in picking, packing, and shipping products for other businesses.


Powered by Fulfillment offers its clients automated, end-to-end fulfillment so you can get back to building your business while your customers get the quality goods they ordered.



Where Do I Need To Store My Products?

You can store your products wherever makes the most sense for your business.
Powered by Fulfillment offers a flexible warehousing service with multiple locations across the country. We ship to your customer from the warehouse that provides the closest service. Send us your merchandise, and we can handle the entire shipping process from start to finish.


You can store the products in your facility or use a third-party source like FBA, WFS, or another drop shipping supplier. Our software will still give you sales and shipment data, making it easy to keep tabs on your business goals.
Our integrated cloud-based app allows you to use any combination of the above distribution models and still track all your fulfillment data from one location.



Is There a Minimum Sales Volume?

Powered by Fulfillment specializes in high-quality, high-volume shipping, but we also work with family-owned and other small businesses. We have solutions for high-volume FTL business-to-business shipping, low-volume LTL direct-to-customer shipping, and everything in between.



What Sort of Products Do You Ship?

Powered by Fulfillment handles various products. We also have experience with shipments that require special handling: Food, beverages, luxury goods, and more.


We can also handle special shipping requirements for businesses that want to give their shipments a personal touch. If you have merchandise that needs special consideration or want to know more, contact us to learn what we can do for you.



What Carriers Do You Use?

We partner with many national carriers, including USPS, FedEx, DHL, and more.


Our partnerships ensure the daily pickup of your shipments and give us access to discounts on shipping rates that we pass on to you.

We also handle international shipping. If your package leaves the country, we’ll find a carrier and deal with customs so you and your customers can enjoy a stress-free experience.



What Shopping Carts Do You Support?

We work with many of the most widely used shopping carts available. Our warehouse management software integrates with Shopify, ZenCart, Magento, and many others.


Whatever shopping cart you use, our system makes processing orders and tracking sales quick and easy, so you can spend less time managing your inventory.



What Storefronts Do You Support?

We work with a wide selection of the most popular eCommerce platforms, including Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, to name a few.


Our OMNI Channel solution allows you to upload your database of products to many different vendor websites from one cloud-based app. OMNI Channel also gives you one central location where you can track inventory and sales figures across all your online storefronts so you can easily see which of your products and channels are doing the most for your revenue.



How Does Powered by Fulfillment Fill Orders?

We set up our system to work with any vendors and shopping carts you use. As soon as an order comes through one of these sources, we pick and pack your customer’s order, print a shipping label, and hand it off to the carrier during their next daily pickup.


Our system handles all this automatically, so nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. Our software integration lets you see which of your orders are processed and watch it all happen.



What Information Can Your System Give Me?

In addition to tracking shipments and inventory, our automated system can provide you with P&L reports to help you identify which products and markets are doing best. Our cloud-based system also lets you perform stock checks and cycle counts. You can also use it to consolidate storage solutions, dispose of unusable inventory, and process returns.


Powered by Fulfillment provides a one-stop solution for your warehouse management needs.



How Does Billing Work?

We believe billing should be transparent. We offer our customers detailed invoices that show you every transaction, so there are never any surprises. Our billing system is entirely automated, so you don’t have to worry about human error.


We can process your bill weekly or bi-monthly, and our auto-billing service means you will never miss a payment.



How Much Support Do You Offer Your Clients?

Our clients have our full support. When you partner with us, we will set everything up so you can focus on your business. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know. Your success is our success, so we will do everything we can to help you.




Powered by Fulfillment Inc. has over 10 years of experience with eCommerce and logistics. We can help you simplify your fulfillment experience so you can focus on growing your business.